Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lakme Fashion Week: A Quick Overview

Lakme Fashion Week - where the biggest and the best designers from all over India unite to showcase their exquisite collection. e 

Although I didn't get tickets to go (I'm stuck here in dull UK), I was in awe of the images that were released...yes yes, I was practically drooling haha. 

Awkward mental image right there.

Nikhil Thampi

I absolutely love black and gold outfits. It's such a different look but bold. 

Shehlaa Khan
I love, love this mix of floral prints with traditional wear to give a soft yet exquisite look. The jewelry just adds to the exquisite feel. I really want this outfit!

Manish Malhotra 

Manish Malhotra brings back classical wear to give a modern twist. Loving the printed skirt - the colours are so vibrant!

Shruti Sancheti

These days short crop tops and jackets are in trend. Usually, not a big fan of how slutty some of them look but oh my gosh, this outfit gives an almost awe-like look.  

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